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Here are some common questions we receive about our company:

What services can Devware provide?

Devware can help your company with a variety of services including the following:

  • Build a custom web application for your company. We specialize in secure, data driven applications that integrate with your business.
  • Consult on Software Architecture for an application
  • Train and mentor on a variety of technical topics. Have one in mind, just contact us!
  • Enhance your development teams productivity with improved methodology, source control management, automated builds and testing, and configuration management.
  • Handle the hosting, maintenance, and support for all of your applications we build.

What is the Devware Self-Assessment application?

The Devware Self-Assessment application allows users to assess their skills against defined competency statements to better understand where they need to improve. They can then identify resources (products, webinars, conference and classes) to help improve and compare their current level to job titles. In addition, it allow them to compare their level to colleges based on demographics. By better understanding where these gaps exist, individuals can further their knowledge and employees can support their career growth.

Each company provides it's set of competency statements arranged in a hierarchy and can map these statements to resources. All aspects of the application are customizable including full control over the look of the site to match your companies branding. By utilizing Single Sign On, users will have a seamless experience accessing this application without requiring another user name and password.

Click here to find out more about the Self-Assessment product!

What is the Devware Framework?

The Devware Framework decreases development time and increase the quality of your product. These reusable services provide the backbone for Devware applications and make them more extensible, customizable and secure.

Tech Support

Having a problem with your Devware solution or just need training to get up to speed on your application? We're here to help!

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