Devware Self-Assessment Application

The Devware Self-Assessment application provides organizations a mechanism to identify skill and knowledge levels within a group of individuals. Trends are identified based on organization defined demographics to meet the specific needs of your organization. This aids your organization in determining the highest needs for education and the set of users that would benefit from it.

Learning resources, which include products, webinars, conferences and classes, are presented to users based on their assessment results. This allows users to find the best available resources based on their assessment results.

For individuals taking the Self-Assessment, it highlights knowledge gaps and provides a list of learning resources to improve those skills. They can also select a specific job title which contains a recommended skill level for each competency. This allows the individual to see how they compare against a current or future job. From this information, they can create a professional development plan by selecting identified learning resources. This can be a powerful tool to enhance knowledge and support their professional growth.

How it works

Your organization provides a set of competency statements arranged in a hierarchy and defines the rating system to be used. Learning resource can then be created in the application or imported from an existing system. These learning resources are associated with competency statements to identify their level of relevancy and coverage. All aspects of the application are customizable, including full control over the look of the site to match your organization's branding.

End User Features

These are a few of the features for users of the Self-Assessment

  • Ability to choose your job title arranged by level
  • Ability to rate knowledge against defined competencies
  • Review assessment results to identify knowledge gaps
  • Compare your skill level based on recommendations for a specific job title
  • View educational resources for areas you wish to improve
  • Create a professional development plan by selecting resources and assigning due dates
  • Choose a future job title and access against those statements. See how to enhance your career
  • Compare your results to colleagues based on job title, demographic and geographic data using graphs and charts

Organization Features

Ability to customize nearly all aspects of the application including:

  • Customize site branding to include your site header and logo
  • Provide your own home page content
  • Full administration of competencies and learning resources
  • Ability to import learning resources from your existing systems
  • Mapping module to associate learning resources to competencies by relevance and coverage
  • Allow content experts and authors to map their own materials
  • Ability to manage levels and job titles
  • Reports and analytics to identify usage and evaluate trends
  • Ability to extend user profile to include custom data points for data collection and reporting

Secure Environments

The Devware Self-Assessment application is built upon a secure platform containing multiple layers of security and provides advanced features.

  • All requests are encrypted with a signed certificate
  • Supports Single Sign on to allow users to only login to your existing web site
  • Built-in user and security management
  • Ability to import users and profile information nightly
  • Ability to assign users to map resources to competency statements
  • Support feature to emulate a user and experience application as they see it

Licensing and Support

The Devware Self-Assessment application is a cloud hosted application including support and maintenance.

  • Hosted using Microsoft Azure to provide high performance and redundancy
  • Included support to keep your mind at ease
  • Designed to add little burden to existing staff
  • Included application updates, enhancements and new features

Contact us today to find out more information about the Self-Assessment application and to schedule a demo. Let's see how this is a fit for your organization.

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Contact us today to find out more information about the Self-Assessment application and to schedule a demo. Let's see how this is a fit for your organization.

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